3D Laser Scanning


Laser scanning creates an organized, highly accurate, digital representation of a subject quickly and efficiently. This new and emerging technology allows for the 3D digital acquisition of objects in the form of geo-referenced and geometrically correct point clouds. These clouds can then be reconstructed to give them a surface, and rendered with colors or images added to give a realistic texture to the 3D model. The accuracy of the laser together with the precision of high resolution images makes laser scanning surveys realistic and complete. The uses of Laser scanning technology are endless. Real world environments, people, equipment and items are captured in 3D exactly as they are. 3D laser scanning technology can provide a detailed spatial representation of particularly complex objects, in unreachable and inaccessible survey locations. Particularly useful in the survey of cultural artefacts and historical sites and buildings, and in situations which would be otherwise difficult to research.

Laser scanning experience:


Mforce Surveying is capable of scanning objects and creating Digital models.

3D scanning services are applied to:


  • Civil engineering


  • Environmental engineering


  • Architecture


  • Heritage sites and archaeology

The raw point cloud data acquired can be used:


?To automatically obtain plane sections and generate plans and section views as well as axonometric projections and 3D models;


?To produce high resolution Digital Terrain Models (DTM);


To automatically identify surfaces (meshes), volume, contours, break lines and aspect ratio;


For environmental, structural, infrastructural and archaeological monitoring;


To easily integrate the surveys with topography and photogrammetry; To navigate virtually;


To simulate possible solutions, changes and alterations to brightness and color;


For conservation and deterioration analysis.

With regard to Laser scanning surveys

Mforce Surveying can also provide:


  • All types of topographical surveys


  • Temporary traffic management when scanning on roads


  • Made to measure tools by CNC turning experts from our workshop and personalized preparation of the Laser scanning support vehicle according to specific needs


  • Preparation of survey locations (excavator, chain saw, etc.) that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Mforce Surveying can offer:

  • Planning, analysis and development of the Laser scanning survey
  • ?Topographical land surveys using GPS or electro-optical instrumentation
  • ?Processing and rendering of scan data according to client’s needs
  • ?Research and experimentation for innovative Laser scanning applications

Our scanning equipment and software includes:


  • External Calibrated Nikon D90 Camera
  • External Calibrated Nikon D700Camera
  • Phantom II Vision Plus Drone
  • Trimble SX-10 Total & Scan Station
  • Trimble R-8 & R-10 Receiver GNSS
  • Leica ScanStation P40
  • Trimble 5601 DR 200 Total Station
  • Trimble Business Center Software
  • Point Cloud Display Software
  • Point Tool Software
  • RECAP Autodesk Software
  • Revit Autodesk Software

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