Building Information Modeling (BIM)


The future of CAD is intelligent drawings.? BIM (Building Information

Modeling) offers engineers and architects CAD drawings with intelligence,

which is easily determined during the design phase.? Existing structures

with little or no design and/or asbuilt information offer a difficult

situation.? Existing conditions must be gathered.? Scanning offers the BIM

modeler the CAD portion of the BIM model and a step in the right direction

with the high definition color imagery.? The combination of the modeled

point cloud, imagery and site visit allows construction professionals,

engineers and architects to create BIM’s of existing conditions.? BIM’s

are no longer just for the design phase.? With 3D laser scanning any

existing building or structure can be accurately modeled with BIM.

Mforce Surveying, PSC assists the construction, operations, and estimating departments with different types of services including Building Information Modeling (BIM),Computer Aided Design (CAD) ,and logistics. Our Land Surveyors, CAD Drafters and field experienced professionals, strives to provide assistance to our clients by using the latest in technology and innovation in the industry.


As required by law in Puerto Rico, we are professional Land Surveyors, we can certify the job done to guarantee the good completion of your project.

The BIM department’s services include:


Building Information Modeling Services (BIM)

Piping Design Services via Detailed Isometrics

Conceptual Model Creation

Computer Aided Design

Design Peer Checking and Feasibility Analysis via 3D Modeling

As-built Generation

Lidar and 3D Scanning

Robotic Total Station Laser Guided Field Point Layout


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